What if we show up late ?

The game takes a maximum of an hour, and the next guests will be booked in straight after, so unfortunately if you are late it will take valuable minutes off your game time, minutes that could cost your success! And you’ll need all the time you can get for escaping! We would advise you to arrive a bit earlier (10 minutes) and get directions here in advance. You can find a map and directions to CityRoomEscape here. If you get lost, call this number and we’ll guide you in: +34 6454 05582.

Is it possible to change the reservation or cancel it?

Of course it is. You can do both but please do it 2 days before your appointment via e-mail or phone. Thanx.

I would like to make a reservation. How can I do it?

You can make a reservation through the reservation system online, or you can also give us a call. You’ll receive a conformation email of your booking.

How often do you change the set?

The game stays the same, but the game is challenging and you might have to play several times to get out in time! And, of course, we are already working on the project of the next game…

I would like to bring my grandmother but she frightens easily, will she be ok?

Of course she will ! She will love it! We don’t go for direct scares. If someone feels a bit claustrophobic than she/he should tell us and we let her/him out immediately.

Is really there an agent living in the room ?

Come and see it yourself !