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A spy’s hide-out has been located in the center of Palma !
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This is a new craze sweeping Majorca! We take you and your team back to the 1970s into the east part of Europe to the communist block and turn you into secret agents. Your challenge? To crack codes, work out brain treasers and overcome unexpected twists in order to escape from the enemy secret agent’s office. If you are brave enough you can dive into a secret agent’s everyday life through this secret mission. Harder still, you have to do it all in 60 minutes – or less. All you will have is your wits as you solve the logic problems and codes that are your only hope.

If you think you and your friends or family have the brains, wits and skills to work together against the clock, then put it to the test at CityRoomEscape!

How to play?

  1. Book
  2. Show up on time
  3. Pay and play



In case you like our game and think about making the same in your town, write us an email for details and we will help you with everything.

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Here are some great moments of the Secret Agent’s room – Brilliant teams, surprising scenes, funny situations and more…


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