A large number of homes have at least one dog as a pet. Even though dogs are great companions to humans, they can be sometimes dangerous. Dogs such as pit bulls and Rottweilers are likely to bite or get violent. These dog bites are sometimes serious and may demand medical care and attention. Victims of dog bites and attacks have to bear several costs such as medical expenses, traumas, and permanent scarring

When you are attacked or bitten by a dog, you are likely to be eligible for compensation. Dog bite injury attorneys will ensure that the victims’ choice for legal representation is properly handled. To be compensated, a dog bites personal injury claim is filed.

Making a report about the incident

It is important to get medical help when one is attacked by a dog before making a report about the incident. You have to gather the necessary information of the dog owner and the house owner’s insurance information.

It is required that you also file a report with your local animal control agency to follow the instructions regarding your locality. Filing such a report is essential documentation through your legal process. The animal control may also carry out an investigation that will require your participation in taking legal action. This investigation usually involves the collection of witness testimony determining how and the reason the incident took place.

Collecting information and documentation

Even though your local animal control conducts their investigation, you must also start to put your evidence of the attack together. This may prove useful even before the time you made your report to the animal control.

As soon as you have had medical attention, you should start to gather relevant information such as photos of the dog and your sustained injury, proof of rabies vaccination from the animal owner, the license information of the dog, and records of past bites. You will pay attention to the time, date, and where the attack happened and get information from people who witnessed the incident.

Reaching Out to a Dog Bite Lawyer

It is complicated for a victim of a dog bite to go through the procedures of taking legal action without assistance. Although filing a dog bite injury claim can take place in the absence of an attorney, negotiating for better compensation requires the expertise of an experienced dog bite injury attorney like Munley Law Wilkes-Barre PA.

Hiring an attorney has several advantages because they use their experience in the legal field, negotiation skills and knowledge of settlement amounts to get a befitting settlement for their clients.



When handling dog bites injury claims, lawyers educate you on the laws of the states regarding dog bites while giving legal guidance as you get your statement ready. Dog bite injury lawyers help you achieve the desired outcome concerning compensation and making negotiations with the dog owner’s insurance company.

Having the proper knowledge about your legal rights regarding animal attacks can be confusing which is why choosing the right dog bite attorney to represent your interests in your injury case is of utmost importance.