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Over the years, email is one of the invaluable digital tools for both individuals and businesses.

Almost every professional uses email on a regular basis at home as well as at work to communicate with others.

With email, you can have reliable, convenient, and speed communication.

Howbeit, this tool is abused by phishers.

But do not worry, there is a solution to every problem.

The email Lookup tool is a savior – Track Email Addresses.

An email lookup can help you stay away from email scams. 

Email lookup tools like are a great device to track email addresses format of any professional on this planet.

This tool comes with a free plan and paid packages.

To start, you can go for the free plan, where you can identify up to ten email address formats. And if you like the tool’s performance, you can go with the paid version.

In the scenarios where you find an email (with a brand name) regarding an unrelated topic or subject, you may check the authenticity of the sender’s email address using the email lookup tools.

There are several other search tools available in the market.

Apart from using these tools, there are certain things that you need to be careful with, such as clicking on the links or opening attachments from an unknown source.

Here are a few ways in which email lookup is useful;

Check the Email Address

When you receive an email from and are not sure who it is from, you might be in a dilemma whether to respond or not, whether to open the attachment or let it be?

To check if the email has come from a genuine source, you can use the email lookup tools. These tools will help you to identify if such an email address exists and, if it did, who it is linked to.

Verify the Brand Sending the Email

Did you know that many people get emails claiming to be from their utility provider, bank, or shopping accounts that they generally trust; however, these emails could be from scammers intending to get financial details or sensitive information from you.

As I said before, you should not click on any links or open attachments in an email if you aren’t sure about the email’s authenticity.

Or else, you would fall into the trap set by the scammer.

Serves as a Simple & Fast Solution

An email lookup tool offers you a fast solution, thereby reducing the chances of you falling into the scammer’s trap. 

Therefore, it is significant to identify the person behind the email as soon as possible. 

And when you find out that the email is not from a bonafide source, you have to report it to help others in the future.

So, these were some of the ways an email lookup tool helps to avoid scam emails.

Final Thoughts

I hope this email helps you to protect yourself from online scams with the knowledge shared in this article.